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    Government Threatening To Invade Organic Farms To Spray Roundup

    Azure Farms, a 2000-acre farm in Oregon that has been certified organic for 18 years, is under threat from the local Sherman County government.

    Why? Because Sherman County officials are re-interpreting a law concerning the “control of noxious weeds,” claiming that if the organic farm doesn’t “completely eradicate” certain weeds, they will invade and forcefully spray Monsanto’s notorious weedkiller themselves.

    Capital Press reports: Local wheat farmers say weeds spreading from Azure Farms, on the outskirts of Moro in north central Oregon, cost them money in the form of additional herbicide control. Most critically, growers of certified wheat seed say their crops will be worthless if contaminated by Rush Skeleton Weed, Canada Thistle, Morning Glory and White Top spreading from the farm.

    Spraying the weeds with Milestone or other herbicides, however, would cause the farm to lose organic certification for three years. Azure Standard, which operates Azure Farms, is a major distributor of organic products.

    Sherman County gave the farm until May 22 to respond with a weed management plan. If not, the county will ask the Oregon Department of Agriculture to quarantine the farm.

    The issue has blown up on social media.

    The manager of Azure Farms, Nathan Stelzer, urged supporters to “Overwhelm the Sherman County representatives with your voice.” A video posted on the farm website called for people to express their outrage reportedly has resulted in hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails to county officials.

    The issue may come to a head Wednesday when the county’s Board of Commissioners takes up the issue. The county is expecting such a crowd that it moved the session from the courthouse to the Sherman County School gym, 65912 High School Loop, Moro, at 4 p.m.

    “The school gym is the only site in Sherman County big enough to hold the expected crowd and we received permission to use the gym only if we delayed our meeting until after the students are dismissed,” Commissioner Tom McCoy said in an email.

    Meanwhile, the Oregon Wheat Commission and several growers are meeting with the state agriculture Director Alexis Taylor, hoping to enlist the department’s support.

    Oregon Tilth, which certifies organic operations, is calling for calm and urging the county to pause its enforcement timeline. Executive Director Chris Schreiner said Oregon Tilth hopes mediation can result in a weed management plan that allows Azure Farms to retain its certification while addressing concerns of neighboring farmers.

    Wheat farmer Bryan Cranston, who grows certified seed next to Azure Farms, said its weed problems have gotten progressively worse over the years. Cranston said he spoke to Selzer and told him, “I don’t drift chemicals on you, I’d appreciate it if weeds don’t drift on me.”

    Cranston said he told Selzer, “I grow seed wheat to garner more out of the market, you grow organic to garner more out of the market — we have a lot in common here.”

    But he added, “You’re messing me up.”

    Cranston estimated weed control in his wheat is costing him $12 per acre more than in the past. He said some weeds, especially skeleton weed, produce airborne seeds and can rapidly infect fields.

    Another area farmer, Ryan Thompson, said the county needs to stand its ground on the weed issue.

    “These guys are operating by their own set of rules,” he said. “They are not good stewards of the land. They are pretty much using religion and the fact that they’re organic to say our county laws and statutes don’t apply to them.”

    The county warned that it would spray if the farm didn’t, and the cost for multiple surveys throughout the growing season would be billed to the farm as a lien on its property taxes.

    Asher said the county could help identify weed, recommend control methods and herbicide products, and had a spray crew for hire if necessary.

    In the business’s first response, a letter signed by Alfred Stelzer said Ecclesia of Sinai “is not subject to your direction.” In a three-page letter dated March 27, Stelzer said the farm will not allow any federal, state or county employees to trespass and “spray any toxic or poisonous substances at any time.”

    Stelzer said the farm “made a covenant” to keep the “Common Law” of the bible. He cited Numbers 35:34, “which states that the land must not be defiled or polluted.” Stelzer, then released the video and social media plea to supporters, saying the county’s plan was “possibly to spray the whole farm with poisonous herbicides.”

    Blake Rowe, CEO of the Oregon Wheat Commission, called the social media campaign “pretty inflammatory.”

    The farm has since adopted a more conciliatory position. In a video posted May 12, Azure Standard CEO David Stelzer, the brother of Nathan, acknowledged the farm has “room for improvement.” He said one of the problems is that for the past five years, the family has been farming the Moro property “long distance” from Dufur, which is 48 miles away by vehicle.

    David Stelzer said Azure is attempting to improve its ground through crop rotation and “companion planting” of various crops.

    “Bio-diversity, a few weeds in the field, does not make a bad farmer,” he said.


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    John Kerry Admits: “WTC 7 on 9/11 was Brought Down in a Controlled Fashion”

    What do you believe of 9/11? You “know” that two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center. One plane hit the Pentagon, and another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Combined, over 3,000 Americans died on September 11, 2001, in an apparent terror attack on the United States by 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists.

    Unfortunately, what you are made to believe and what you know is a lie.


    There is evidence that 9/11 was a controlled demolition planned and executed by the United States’ president George W. Bush as a false flag operation, as a pretext for launching the so-called War on Terror.

    The European Scientific Journal, which analyzed the collapse of all three World Trade Center buildings, has concluded that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. Last year, Russia Today declared 9/11 was an inside job — supported by video evidence. The same year, the University of Alaska launched an investigation into claims that World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7) was brought down by a controlled demolition on 9/11.

    WTC7, a 47-story building in the WTC complex, was not hit by a plane; “structural failure caused by fire” caused it to collapse at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11, claimed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). However, a former NIST researcher, Peter Michael Ketcham, later revealed it was a controlled demolition that caused the WTC to collapse, not fire damage following the collapse of the Twin Towers.


    There is proof that the hijackers were in constant touch with several Saudi officials and agents inside the United States as they were preparing to terrorize the county. Still, the U.S. covered up Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11.

    In 2001, Donald Trump challenged the official story on 9/11, saying bombs must have been used, since the then real estate magnate didn’t believe planes could so easily penetrate the Towers’ steel exoskeleton and cause the complete destruction of the buildings.


    Now a 10-year-old video of John Kerry, the Senator for Massachusetts from 1985 to 2013, and the 68th United States Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017, is doing the rounds on the internet. The clip documents Kerry admitting that WTC 7 was brought down intentionally via a controlled demolition as it posed a danger to surrounding buildings — directly contradicting the official 9/11 claim that the structure fell as a result of fire.

    “I don’t believe there’s been a formal investigation. I haven’t heard that. I don’t know that. I do know that, uh, that wall I remember was in danger, and I think that they made a decision based on the danger that it had of destroying other things that they did it in a controlled fashion. “


    Kerry’s confession matches with WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein’s statement: “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire. I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life. Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse.”


    Nevertheless, there are questions which remain unanswered. Emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and first responders all knew WTC7 was pulled. They were all told hours in advance, to clear a collapse zone for WTC7 as it was going to be “brought down.” BBC and CNN knew the building had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually fell. The question remains though: how did BBC and CNN know in advance that WTC7 would collapse, when no steel building has ever collapsed from fire alone?



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    Former Navy SEAL Exposes Over 3,000 High Level Elite Pedophiles, Media Silent

    The federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act defines sex trafficking as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act.” Every year, more than 100,000 children fall victim to sex trafficking in the United States.

    Some of the top ranking American defense personnel, intelligence analysts, and federal law enforcement officers are pedophiles who access and download child pornography on their work and home computers. However, the Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA show no interest in investigating and prosecuting their highly-disciplined, high-profile, and high-ranking child pornographers.

    But Craig Sawyer — a former Navy SEAL who has in the past provided security to politicians and dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Negroponte — is determined to expose elite pedophile rings and bring the vile perpetrators to justice.

    pedophilesSawyer started Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) “to EXPOSE that which has been covered up and suppressed – the dark and disgusting world of pedophile trafficking rings. These rings include members from every level of our society and involve unthinkable trauma inflicted upon innocent babies and children – the soul of our nation.”

    The V4CR members, who make up a VIPR Team (Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings), come from the highest levels of military special operations, federal law enforcement, international counter-poaching operations, the intelligence community, the diplomatic community and film & television.

    “Until now, pedophiles have enjoyed a counter-productive level of privacy from the media. That puts more children at risk. Together, we can work with federal and local law enforcement to help arrest these predators and liberate the child victims.

    “This abuse must first be brought to light before it can be cleaned up. V4CR was created to shine that light. We will expose this crisis through joint operations with law enforcement and sharing the truth in an unflinching television documentary-series for the world to see.

    “Through this, we hope to force stronger punitive legislation and create a non-permissive public environment to help reverse this life-shattering trend of abuse.”


    At the recent National Rifle Association convention, Sawyer told Infowars:

    “We started a nonprofit organization called ‘Veterans For Child Rescue’ and we are raising money to expose high level elite pedophile rings that are snatching up our children. Some of them are into satanic rituals and torturing little infants and toddlers to death.

    “I’m getting high level information from federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. There have been over 3,000 arrests since January. We have a President now who is not ok with children being raped and tortured to death, thank God.

    “I’ve realized I have to go independent to get around the gatekeepers in the mainstream media who refuse to report on it. My mission is to inform the American citizens of what they’ve been denied knowing. I want to provide a non permissive environment against these acts for these children and make a better environment for the children going forward. We have to do something.”


    In March, Sawyer appeared on The Alex Jones Show and discussed V4CR and its mission to expose and bring down pedophiles. However, as soon as V4CR received $50,000, Sawyer’s crowd funding page on YouCaring.com was deleted for violation of unspecified terms of service.  Thereafter, V4CR, which is in the process of forming a 501c3 non-profit, opened a fundraiser on GunFund.Me and raised approximately 25% of its goal of $500,000 by April 28:

    “Immediately after I told Alex Jones and announced our founding of the organizations, I got phone calls from officials saying there are two groups planning to attack the organization. Social media is suppressing my reach. Crowd funding sites have undermined us. But every day we are gaining more and more support from high level officials. It’s a grassroots movement that is growing very very quickly.”

    Pedophiles dominate positions of authority; but Sawyer is determined to expose these high-level child predators and save children from falling victim to sex trafficking. If you wish to help V4CR, donate here and share this news.


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    Scientists recognize indigenous medicine of the dandelion as a cancer killer

    Beyond their medicinal benefits, indigenous plants were a staple of Native people’s diet before Western contact. Today, indigenous plants are central to efforts to improve dietary health for current generations.

    Dandelion (Alutiiq names: Qutemnaanaarua’a. Scientific name: Taraxacumofficinale)

    Dandelion is a generous source of Vitamins A, B, C, and D and various minerals. It is also useful for liver issues like hepatitis and jaundice and is a natural diuretic. All of the plant parts can be used: the root as medicine, food, or coffee substitute; the leaves as a poultice or salad; and the flowers as food or medicine.

    Researchers in Windsor, Ont., have received an additional $157,000 grant for a total of $217,000 to study how effective dandelion root extract is in fighting cancer.

    Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist at the University of Windsor, has been studying the anti-cancer potential of dandelion root extract for almost two years.

    His team’s first phase of research showed that dandelion root extract forced a very aggressive and drug-resistant type of blood cancer cell, known as chronic monocytic myeloid leukemia, to essentially commit suicide.

    Researchers then discovered that repeated treatment with low dose dandelion root extract was effective in killing most of the cancerous cells.

    Those initial findings landed the research team a $60,000 grant from Seeds4Hope, which provides money for local cancer research.

    Pandey then applied for continued funding from the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation. That $157,000 came through earlier this week bringing the total to $217,000.

    John DiCarlo, 72, says dandelion tea saved his life, after other medical treatments for his leukemia failed. 

    John DiCarlo, 72, was admitted to hospital three years ago with leukemia. Even after aggressive treatment, he was sent home to put his affairs in order with his wife and four children.

    The cancer clinic suggested he try the tea. Four months later, he returned to the clinic in remission. He has been cancer free for three years.

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    $10,000 reward offered for killer of rare Yellowstone female wolf

    She was together with the same alpha male wolf for more than nine years, park officials said.

    The dead wolf was double the average age of a Yellowstone wolf and had at least 20 pups, of which 14 became yearlings.

    The reward for information leading to whoever shot a rare white wolf found inside Yellowstone National Park rose to $10,000 on Friday after a wolf advocacy group matched a $5,000 reward offered earlier by the park.

    The 12-year-old wolf that was killed was the alpha female of a group of wolves dubbed the Canyon Pack and a popular target of photographers

    Park officials have not said whether they have leads in their investigation into who killed the wolf, but Wolves of the Rockies President Marc Cook speculated the wolf’s killer was someone angry about the reintroduction of wolves to the park more than two decades ago.

    “People take matters into their own hands and feel they are above the law and they kind of flaunt that fact that they can do what they want to do and there’s no repercussions,” Cook said.

    Park officials also have not commented on a motive for the wolf’s killing, but many hunting outfitters and ranchers oppose the presence of the wolves, which now number about 100 in the park. Wolves prey on big-game animals popular with hunters, such as elk, and sometimes kill cattle on pastures outside Yellowstone.

    The shooting happened at a time of transition for wolves in nearby Wyoming, where a federal appeals court ruled in March that they could be removed from Endangered Species Act protection.

    Environmentalists had persuaded a judge to put wolves back on the endangered list in Wyoming in 2014. Their concerns included a shoot-on-sight provision for wolves in most of the state, one that does not exist in Idaho or Montana.

    She was together with the same alpha male wolf for more than nine years

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia found Wyoming adequately addressed those concerns. Wolves went back off the endangered list in Wyoming on April 25.

    Reclassified by the state as predators of livestock, they once again may be shot on sight by anyone in most of Wyoming outside Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and nearby wild country. Relatively few wolves wander far from the Yellowstone region in Wyoming.

    The wolf found shot in Yellowstone was more than 70 miles (110 kilometers) from where it could legally have been shot on sight in Wyoming two weeks later when wolves found there had been taken off the endangered list.

    The dead wolf was double the average age of a Yellowstone wolf and had at least 20 pups, of which 14 became yearlings.

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    How To Get Rid Of A Headache In 5 Minutes Without Pills

    When you have a headache and the pill you need isn’t at hand, the situation seems hopeless. But it isn’t so. There’s a scientific way to get rid of a headache called acupressure.

    Today Bright Side will tell you about this technique which removes a headache effectively and quickly.

    Acupressure is a kind of massage, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. By its nature, it’s a form of acupuncture and reflexotherapy, but it doesn’t require special medical knowledge.

    How to massage acupressure points

    First, take a comfortable position and relax. The massage doesn’t take much time: from 30 seconds to 1 minute on average.

    Massage a point with light pressing or circular movements. Usually, the headache disappears during the massage or 5-10 minutes after it.

    There are 6 main points to get rid of  headache:

    The point of the third eye, or Yintang, is situated between the eyebrows in the place where the bridge of the nose passes into the forehead. This point is also responsible for eye fatigue removal.

    These symmetrical points are located at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows. Massage of this area also relieves a runny nose and improves visual acuity. Massage for 1 minute by pressing or circular movements.

    These points are located on both sides of the nostrils in line with the eyes. To find them, feel a dimple in the bottom of the cheekbones. It helps to open sinuses, reduce headache and toothache, and relieve stress.

    © depositphotos

    The points are located in the back of the head in the middle, between the ear and the beginning of the spine. Massaging these points helps to relieve nasal congestion, pain in the eyes and ears, severe headache, and migraine.

    The Shuai gu points are situated 2-3 cm from the beginning of the hairline in the temple area. Feel a small dimple to find this point. Pressure applied to this area relieves pain in the temporal region and eye fatigue.

    These symmetrical points are located on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Pressure applied to this area also relieves back pain, toothache, and tension in the neck muscles.


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    Johnson & Johnson to Pay over $110 Million to Woman Who Got Cancer from Its Talcum Powder

    A St. Louis jury recently ordered Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest consumer healthcare company, to pay more than $110 million to Lois Slemp. Slemp is a 62-year-old Virginia woman, who claimed she got ovarian cancer (the deadly disease has now spread to her liver) after four decades of using the U.S. pharmaceutical giant’s talcum powder products. The jury awarded $5.4 million in compensation with $105 million to be paid as punitive damages.

    Lois, who sued Johnson & Johnson in 2012 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, accused the company of failing to warn its customers of the cancer risks linked to its Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder. Ted Meadows, a Beasley Allen lawyer representing Lois, said in a statement:

    “Once again we’ve shown that these companies ignored the scientific evidence and continue to deny their responsibilities to the women of America. They chose to put profits over people, spending millions in efforts to manipulate scientific and regulatory scrutiny. I hope this verdict prompts J&J to acknowledge the facts and help educate the medical community and the public about the proper use of their products.”

    In February 2016, a jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million to the family of Jackie Fox, who died of ovarian cancer in 2015 as a result of long term usage of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder. In May 2016, a court in St. Louis awarded $55 million in damages to Gloria Ristesund, who used Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder for more than 35 years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011.

    In October 2016, Johnson & Johnson lost its third straight lawsuit when a St. Louis jury ordered it to pay more than $70 million to a California woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012, after years of using Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder.

    talcum powder There are more than 3,000 lawsuits accusing Johnson & Johnson of ignoring studies linking its Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder to ovarian cancer, and failing to warn its customers. Instead of mending its ways, making its products safer, winning its consumers’ trust, and improving its brand image, Johnson & Johnson plans to appeal the unfavorable verdict:

    “We deeply sympathize with the women and families impacted by ovarian cancer. We will begin the appeals process following today’s [May 4] verdict and believe a jury decision in our favor in St. Louis in March and the dismissal of two cases in New Jersey in September 2016 by a state court judge who ruled that plaintiffs’ scientific experts could not adequately support their theories that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, further highlight the lack of credible scientific evidence behind plaintiffs’ allegations. We are preparing for additional trials this year and we will continue to defend the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder.”

    Lois’ lawyers argued that there was evidence linking the use of talcum powder to ovarian cancer. A: In its most natural form, talc contains asbestos, which is known to cause cancer in the lungs when inhaled. And B: The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified the use of talc-based body powder in the genital region as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Cancer Treatment Centers of America notes:

    “British researchers in the early 1970s first raised cancer risk concerns around talcum powder when they discovered talc crystals in the ovaries of 10 of 13 cancer victims. Ten years later, Dr. Daniel W. Cramer, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, conducted the first of several studies linking talcum powder use to cancer. His 1982 study and several since concluded that women whose genitals were exposed to talcum powder were three times more likely to develop ovarian cancer.”


    Although, all talcum products in the U.S. have been asbestos free since the 1970s, when a study found that women who regularly used talcum powder on their genital region had a 40% higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, American Cancer Society advises: Until more information is available, people concerned about using talcum powder may want to avoid or limit their use of consumer products that contain it.


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    The Gory Federal Poisoning Program the US Does Not Want You to Know

    Alcohol kills nearly 3 times more Americans each year than guns. Alcohol poisoning kills an average of six Americans a day. In 2015, nearly 88,000 American citizens died as a direct result of excess alcohol abuse.

    But there was a time, many, many years ago, when the American government deliberately killed over 10,000 citizens to stop drinkers from drinking themselves to death. Sadly, the 1920s’ “chemists’ war of Prohibition” or the “national experiment in extermination” — intentionally poisoning the alcohol supplies to enforce the floundering State-mandated Prohibition on alcohol — is erased from U.S. history.

    The Prohibition

    Though it is mostly forgotten today, the gory federal poisoning program remains one of the deadliest decisions in American law-enforcement history.

    The Eighteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution in 1920 prohibited the production, import, transport, and sale of alcohol.  For a few months, private ownership and consumption of alcohol reduced considerably. But people didn’t stop drinking. Thanks to the uneven enforcement of the federal law, organized criminal gangs started producing and selling rotgut alcohol.

    The crime syndicates managed to steal “denatured” alcohol — commercial-use alcohol with added toxic or unappetizing chemicals — from companies that made industrial alcohol used in various paints, solvents, fuels, and medical supplies. Thereafter, their chemists would make the alcohol palatable again by undoing the denaturing process by “re-purifying” the alcohol.


    As illicit alcohol shops and underground alcohol sales exploded, the number of people drinking alcoholic beverages grew higher than it was before Prohibition. According to Slate:

    Alcoholism rates soared during the 1920s; insurance companies charted the increase at more than 300 more percent. Speakeasies promptly opened for business. By the decade’s end, some 30,000 existed in New York City alone.

    “Street gangs grew into bootlegging empires built on smuggling, stealing, and manufacturing illegal alcohol. The country’s defiant response to the new laws shocked those who sincerely (and naively) believed that the amendment would usher in a new era of upright behavior.”

    The Extermination

    It soon became apparent that Prohibition was an unprecedented catastrophe.

    According to the U.S. Treasury Department, an estimated 60 million gallons of industrial alcohol annually was stolen, “re-natured”, and sold as palatable alcohol to the country’s drinkers in the mid-1920s.

    As a result, in 1926, President Calvin Coolidge’s government decided to make the denaturing formulas lethal by adding poisonous methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) into the mix.

    The new denaturing formulas included poisons like kerosene, brucine, gasoline, benzene, cadmium, iodine, zinc, mercury salts, nicotine, ether, formaldehyde, chloroform, camphor, carbolic acid, quinine, and acetone — which were difficult for the crime syndicates’ chemists to remove from the industrial alcohol, and make it palatable again.

    But again, people didn’t stop drinking. Many Americans risked drinking the federally poisoned alcohol — and thousands died as a result. Deborah Blum, a Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist, told Vox:

    “It was like a chemists’ war at this point. Bootlegger chemists trying to take things out, and government chemists trying to find a way to keep them in. But the bootlegger chemists had not been able to find a good way to get methanol out.

    “People knew this was going to kill people. They were warning the government in advance. Charles Norris, who was the chief medical officer in New York City, and Alexander Gettler, who was the chief toxicologist in the city, told the government not to do this.

    “The government did it, anyway. People started dying right away. There was this wash of super-poisoned alcohol turning up everywhere, because it was the only stuff someone could get. This was the alcohol of the country.

    “The estimates I saw were about 10,000. Experts could say at the time that those deaths were over and above the other alcohol-related deaths. These numbers notched up after the more poisoned alcohol went into the market.”


    In 1926 alone, 1,200 people were hospitalized by poisonous alcohol in New York City; 400 died. People began dropping like flies. By 1928, the public felt the U.S. government must intervene. But the federals announced that the government could do absolutely nothing as “the use and sale of poisonous alcohol was not regulated by any of the federal laws.” Yet, Charles Norris refused to pull his punches:

    “The government knows it is not stopping drinking by putting poison in alcohol. Yet it continues its poisoning processes, heedless of the fact that people determined to drink are daily absorbing that poison. Knowing this to be true, the United States government must be charged with the moral responsibility for the deaths that poisoned liquor causes, although it cannot be held legally responsible.”

    By the time the Prohibition ended — after the Twenty-first Amendment repealed the Eighteenth Amendment on December 5, 1933 — the horrendously ill-fated federal poisoning program had killed nearly 10,000 Americans.

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    Disgusting Images From Inside House Of Accused Child Abuser Released

    The raid of David Timothy Deakin’s house in the Philippines is thought to be one of the largest ever seizures of illicit digital content in the country.

    In the stuffy, messy house, investigators found children’s underwear, toddler’s shoes, cameras, bondage cuffs, fetish ropes, stacks of hard drives and a meth pipe.

    The images show the sweaty 53-year-old alleged child abuser with his hands tied behind his back with an iPhone charger while his squalid house is searched.

    Deakin’s arrest shines a light on one of the darkest corners of the internet where paedophiles in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia pay facilitators in countries like the Philippines to sexually abuse children.

    About 30 computer hard drives were seized and are being investigated to find suspected buyers and victims.

    Deakin, originally from Perios, Illinois, is being charged with cybercrime, child pornography, child abuse and child trafficking.

    He has been living in the Philippines since 2000 and is thought to be exploiting Filipino children for his videos.

    The photos were taken in his two bedroom townhouse in Mabalacat, Philippines.

    This article originally appeared on unilad.co.uk

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    School Bans Unvaccinated Kids From Classroom

    One-quarter of students attending the Mariposa School of Global Education in Agoura Hill were told to steer clear of the school due to an outbreak of chickenpox that began in Macrh.

    Daniel Stepenosky, the superintendent of Las Virgenes Unified School District that includes the Mariposa School, acknowledgedto CBS Los Angeles that three students were found to have chickenpox. “A kindergartener, a first-grader, a third-grader. The first case happened around mid-March. The student was immunized, however still contracted chickenpox.”

    According to local newspaper The Acorn, Stepenosky noted that “(It’s) interesting . . . the first of three cases was a student that was fully immunized. . . . He was the vaccinated one.”

    This student was reported to have contracted the disease back in March. After two more cases were found, the school district took action to keep the unvaccinated students out of school for three weeks.

    While individual school policies vary according to state laws, it’s typical for school officials to notify parents who do not vaccinate their children when an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease occurs. About 400 students attend Mariposa School of Global Education. Around ninety of those students have not been vaccinated for chickenpox, and on May 1st the parents of those students were ordered to keep their children home for 21 days.

    “Given that there were three cases, given that they were in three different grades, the health department gave the directive to exclude students who are not immunized,” said Stepenosky.

    Vaccination rates at the Mariposa School have risen greatly in recent years. In 2015, it was reported that about 40% of the students were current on vaccinations; following changes in state law, that number is up to 80%.

    In 2016, the state of California halted the allowance of personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations, and currently, only medical exemptions issued by licensed doctors are allowed.

    “There are legitimate medical waivers,” Stepenosky said. “For example, a student with a compromised immune system, which could be for any reason, is often because they are fighting cancer.”

    The chickenpox vaccine has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be 90% effective if an individual has received two doses.

    The CDC also notes that “some people who are vaccinated against chickenpox may still get the disease. However, it is usually milder with fewer blisters and little or no fever.”

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    Bill Clinton Fired FBI Director One Day Before Vince Foster Was Murdered

    In July 1993 President Bill Clinton fired FBI Director William S. Sessions just one day before he ordered the murder of close aide Vince Foster

    Was the suspicious death of Vince Foster and the firing of Republican FBI Director William S. Sessions firing a coincidence? Many experts believe that Bill Clinton needed an FBI Director who was willing to look the other way when it came to the Clintons’ criminal activity in the White House.

    “Major media outlets reported Wednesday on the Supreme Court hearing of California lawyer Allan Favish’s case that government photographs of Vincent Foster’s death scene be released for public viewing. The media report that no fewer than five investigations have found that Foster committed suicide because he was depressed. But despite 10 years of denial by the major media, the Foster case has not “closed” – as the Supreme Court hearing Wednesday demonstrated.

    The case won’t close because of the failure of authorities to make full disclosure – and to conduct a full investigation into the case, including a complete autopsy.

    Vince Foster was not only deputy White House counsel but also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    On the night of Foster’s death, top Clinton aides made a frantic effort to enter and remove documents from his West Wing office. In the days that followed, federal investigators were stymied in their investigation of Foster’s office and strange death.

    Since Foster’s July 1993 death, the facts of his death have been obfuscated by friends of Bill and Hillary in the major media, but here’s the undeniable truth:

    There weren’t “five” investigations into Foster’s death, as the media report. The Park Police, best known for their meter and horse patrols around Washington, were put in charge of the initial death inquiry of the most important federal official to die suspiciously since President Kennedy. The Park Police, contradicting standard procedure, declared the death a suicide before launching their inquiry.

    The FBI never officially investigated the case but simply signed off on the Park Police “probe.” The bureau had little choice. The day before Foster’s death, Bill Clinton hurriedly fired the director of the FBI, William Sessions. Sessions later charged that Clinton had “politicized” the bureau.

    Later, Robert Fiske, selected by Clinton’s counsel Bernie Nussbaum and Janet Reno, quickly confirmed the Park Police probe as a suicide.

    But when Ken Starr entered the investigation, he reopened the case. His chief prosecutor in the case, Miquel Rodriguez, later quit the Starr investigation, claiming that Starr’s staff was engaging in a cover-up of Foster’s death.

    Rodriguez, a Harvard-educated federal prosecutor, argued that one of the Polaroid photos taken of Foster at the crime scene indicated an additional wound on Foster’s neck – never noted on the autopsy report. Favish’s suit before the Supreme Court is seeking to release this photo, among others.

    No fewer than three of the paramedics on the scene indicated in reports or testimony that the crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide.

    A careful FBI microscopic investigation of Foster’s shoes found not a trace of soil or grass stains on them, though he supposedly walked several hundred yards through wooded Fort Marcy Park to where his body was found. [Years later, Starr’s investigation found plenty of soil and grass stains. Rodriguez charged that the shoes were tampered with to produce such “evidence.”]

    According to the FBI report on Vince Foster’s death (below) blonde hairs were found on the body of Vince Foster, but were never investigated:

    Foster was found with little blood around his body – and despite claims that he fired the gun into his mouth, practically no blood was found on the front of his shirt.

    Foster was found with a 1913 revolver no one in his family could claim, with two serial numbers, made from the parts of three or more guns. None of Foster’s fingerprints were found on the gun.

    For years, detail after detail emerged questioning the official ruling.

    Significant questions were raised about the unusual gun – a .38 Colt revolver made from the parts of three guns with two serial numbers – found conveniently in Vince’s hand.

    The Park Police said one of the serial numbers indicated the gun was vintage 1913 – and had no pedigree.

    Foster family members insisted neither Foster nor his father ever owned the old revolver.

    The NCIC keeps records of all law enforcment inquiries of serial numbers.

    On March 23, 2001, the FBI responded to requests made by a man names Craig Brinkley:

    Serial number 356555, one of the numbers on the gun, was never searched, not by the FBI, the Park Police or by that “investigation” by Ken Starr.

    Serial number 355055 was found on the frame of the gun. Brinkley believes that was the gun’s real nnumber.

    That number was indeed searched by the Park Police, on the evening of Foster’s death, more exactly at 22:45 EDT on July 20, 1993.

    Interestingly, searches were conducted on the same serial number no fewer than three times earlier that year, before Foster’s death, on March 3, March 7 and April 29.

    Was someone checking to see that this gun had a “clean” predigree and was untraceable?

    The bullet from the gun that supposedly killed Foster was never found, despite intensive searches.

    Despite claims to the contrary, no one who knew Foster, including Hillary, Web Hubbell and his own wife, saw signs of depression.

    A so-called suicide note was found in an office briefcase that had been searched and found to be empty after Foster’s death. The note was torn into 27 pieces. Yet an FBI examination found no trace of Foster’s fingerprints on the note and a top Oxford handwriting expert found the note to be an “obvious” forgery.

    Despite the enormity of the case, Foster’s autopsy lasted an astounding 45 minutes. The coroner in the case had previously been overruled in other cases he declared “suicides” that were later found to be murders.

    All of the X-rays taken during the autopsy are missing.

    Complete crime scene photos don’t exist. The Park Police said all the photos were “accidentally” overexposed. A series of close-up Polaroids, which Favish is suing for, remain. This is just a brief summary of the dozens of inconsistencies in the case. Two New York homicide investigators who looked into the case concluded that Foster’s body had been moved to the crime scene and that murder could not be ruled out.

    Despite overwhelming evidence of a cover-up, the media won’t question the official ruling.

    Ken Starr, who could find no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons during his “intensive” probe, confirmed a ruling of suicide. Starr even hired O.J. Simpson’s defense expert to prove his case.

    On August 23, 2016, The Daily Mail revealed that FBI agents’ reported interviews documenting that Hillary Clinton’s stinging humiliation of her friend and mentor Vince Foster in front of White House aides triggered the suicide of Vince Foster were missing from where they should be filed at the National Archives.

    On the first visit, archivist David Paynter provided the box of records that he said contained the FBI reports of interviews conducted by FBI agents on Foster’s death.

    On a second visit, archivist James Mathis provided what he said were those same documents.

    While the box contained dozens of FBI reports concerning Foster’s death – including interviews with the medical examiner, U.S. Park Police officers, and White House aides about the contents of Foster’s office –  the reports on Hillary Clinton’s role in his death were absent.

    After filing a Freedom of Information request with the National Archives, Martha Murphy, the archives’ public liaison, reported that she directed a senior archivist to conduct a more thorough review of the relevant FBI files, including those that had not been previously made public in response to FOIA requests.

    ‘He examined all eight boxes but found no interviews by any investigator that detail either a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster or the effects of a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster on Vince Foster’s state of mind,’ Murphy reported in an email.

    After firing Republican FBI Director William S. Session, President Bill Clinton temporarily replaced him with Floyd I. Clarke and then on September 1, 1993 he Louis Freeh became the FBI Director.

    Louis Freeh coincidentally hired James Comey for his first job.

    Right from the start, the Freeh FBI was drenched in controversy. The “screw-ups” were legion—from the exposure of fraudulent FBI crime lab results to the wrongful blaming of an innocent man for the bombings at the Atlanta Olympics—to the bloody standoff and shootout at Ruby Ridge.

    But enough about the crimes of the Clinton’s and the hypocrisy of the media who would have chosen to ignore the suspicious timing of President Clinton’s firing of his FBI Director William S. Sessions. We should all just ignore the unmitigated mess James Comey made of Hillary’s email scandal that put our national security at risk while he was serving as the director of the FBI, and instead, focus on a way to blame Comey’s incompetence on President Trump.


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    If You Use Facebook Messenger, This Is How You Are Being Recorded Even When Not On The Phone

    Suggestion: If you have messenger on your phone delete it. Then re-download it and read the terms of agreement. This is sheer lunacy. Also for those who didn’t know this one, check out the video below. This news is actually about 5-7 years old. Notice what the government has made cell phone makers do now? Notice you can’t take the battery out?

    SOMETIMES it pays to actually read the disclosures! Whether you are using Facebook Messenger or not, the app works directly with your phone’s mic, so it makes no difference if the program is in use. In that way it is much like what the government has been doing for years. Most people don’t know even if your phone is POWERED OFF,the government is listening. The only way to STOP them is to remove the battery. Notice how you can’t do that on most phones anymore?

    Cellphone users who attempt to install the Facebook Messenger app are asked to agree to terms of service that allow the social networking giant to use the microphone on their device to record audio at any time without their permission.

    As the screenshot above illustrates (click for enlargement), users are made to accept an agreement that allows Facebook to “record audio with the microphone….at any time without your confirmation.”

    The TOS also authorizes Facebook to take videos and pictures using the phone’s camera at any time without permission, as well as directly calling numbers, again without permission, that could incur charges.

    But wait, there’s more! Facebook can also “read your phone’s call log” and “read data about contacts stored on your phone, including the frequency with which you’ve called, emailed or communicated in other ways with specific individuals.”

    Although most apps on Android and Apple devices include similar terms to those pictured above, this is easily the most privacy-busting set of mandates we’ve seen so far.

    Since the vast majority of people will agree to these terms without even reading them, cellphone users are agreeing to let Facebook monitor them 24/7, green lighting the kind of open ended wiretap that would make even the NSA jealous.

    Other app companies are also requiring you to allow them to approximate your location, send SMS messages from your phone that cost you money, read your contacts, read your phone status and identity, get “full network access” to your communications (in other words listen to your phone calls), modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, and disable your screen lock (the 4 digit code that password-protects your phone).

    As we have previously highlighted, embedded microphones in everything from Xbox Kinect consoles to high-tech street lights that can record private conversations in real time represent the final nail in the coffin of privacy as the ‘Internet of things’ becomes a part of our daily lives.

    SOURCE: TheLastGreatStand

    A previous version of this post contained inaccurate and outdated information about Facebook’s Messenger app. Facebook has provided its own response to concerns about the app here.
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