Hitler’s 3rd Reich Was Financed By The Federal Reserve and The Bank of England

Slowly the myths of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and World War Two are being broken down and the real history of the 20th century is slowly being established. 

‘Follow the money’ is the first rule in investigative journalism, in regards to the third Reich the money trail will take you down a labyrinth full of surprises. Apparently, there are reports that Hitler and Germany were financed early on by the United States and the Bank of England. How is this possible when the United States was one of the leading powers to take down the 3rd Reich during World War II?

Many of these financial investments took place in the late 1920’s, which was before the Nazi regime started to show its true colors. So, don’t misunderstand me, these countries WERE on opposite sides during the first World War, but maybe just MAYBE this was a way to fix the global economy.

In the early 1900’s, the German currency ‘Mark’ was on a steep decline and US investors were simultaneously looking for a way to expand their capital. This was also the time when the Federal Reserve was established, and it is rumored that the Federal Reserve is owned by the Bank of England. Since these are privately traded companies they would not be required to report the shares they sell. Also, please note that to determine who controls these institutions, it’s not enough to simply list the shareholders, one must also take into consideration who, in turn, owns the shareholders themselves. Furthermore, the influence and connections of the chairmen cannot be ignored, as these men are the ones making the decisions.

The true intent of Hitler was made clear well into the 1930’s, therefore business investments made prior with Germany from the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England really could have represented simply an optimistic light on the future of Germany. It could also be seen as an investment opportunity into the instability of the German nation under new dictatorship.
Here is a list of some of the events as they took place that has now been documented:
  • 1919 – 1924 There was a huge American financial investment in the German economy
  • 1924 – 1929 Financial support for national socialism
  • 1929 – 1933 Financial hardship in the United States which resulted in Germany gaining more financial power.

Digging deeper into history demonstrates to us the tactics that have been employed to gain financial control of nations, parallels could be drawn in this instance to Gaddafi and Saddam; how they were originally assist in their rise to power and then the profits that were made from eventually crushing them.

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