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Presidential Daughter Hopes Photos Normalize Breastfeeding in Kyrgyzstan

Aliya Shagieva, the daughter of Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev, is sharing photos of breastfeeding her son, and fighting back against criticism.

Alia Shagieva made headlines several months ago when she married Russian programmer Konstantin Ryazanov, just six months before she gave birth. Citizens of Krygyzstan criticized her ‘international’ marriage, and condemned her for not marrying a traditional Krygyz man.

Shagieva, a 20-years-old who gave birth to son Tahir last month, is drawing even more criticism from the citizens of her country, particularly for having the audacity to show pictures of her nursing her son.

She’s lashing back at her critics with truths of her breasts not being sexual devices to satisfy the eyes of men, but instruments to feed her son. Shagieva had been posting on her Instagram page, but recently took it down amid criticism that she was not behaving appropriately, and was shaming her father and country.

Kyrgyzstan is a country that is 75% Muslim. When Shagieva showed a picture of her belly bump last month, it was one of the first that even let on she was pregnant, and one that sent commenters in a tizzy about the ‘immoral inappropriateness’ she displayed.

The daughter of the president of Kyrgyzstan showed her baby bump and caused outrage for her immodesty

The most recent picture that created such outrage was one of her nursing her newly born son. Commenters were disgusted with her ‘provocative’ pictures, and accused her of bringing shame to her family.

Shagieva has removed the social media accounts that had the pictures posted, but based on comments she gave to haters on March 5, in response to her belly bump pictures, we doubt she’s done campaigning for the normalizing of breast feeding.

At that time, Shagieva said that her body wasn’t for sexuality and that pregnancy was about motherhood, not sexualization. More, she told those who objected to the ‘sexy, obscene context,’ of the pictures that they had a problem, since the pictures depicted nothing more than her pregnancy.

Go you, Mama! We applaud your effort to simply tell the truth. There is no shame in nursing, nor should there be any issue with sexuality confusion. We anxiously await more pictures!

Photos: Ailya Shagieva/Instagram


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