7 Reasons Buying More Stuff Won’t Make You Happy

Living with less, also known as minimalism, means focusing more on what’s important in life in order to find happiness and freedom, rather than on material things.

It’s something that many people are turning to in order to keep their head above order, but they’re also discovering that not only does it help their bank account and subsequently stress levels, but living with fewer things make them happier too.

Here are some of the reasons behind that.

  1. Every purchase adds more worry into our lives. Every physical item we get just represents one more thing that can be broken, scratched, or stolen.
  2. The excitement of “newness” grows old quickly. They may look shiny and new in the store, but as soon as that package is opened, it starts to fade.
  3. There is always something new and better – we never feel satisfied as once you get one thing, we move on to wanting the next. That means the item we most recently purchased will be out of use much sooner than it should have been too.
  4. Those “things” we own require maintenance, including our time, energy, focus and sometimes more money too. As a result, they can distract us from the things that can really bring happiness.
  5. Someone else always has more. The game of who has more is a game that can never really be won.
  6. Shopping doesn’t quench the desire for contentment, no matter how hard we try or how much we get. Those overstuffed closets are proof.
  7. Experiences have been proven to make us happier than possessions. Going to a new travel destination, heading to the beach or attending a concert never gets old as each time it’s a little different. That road trip you went on with your best friend is probably something that will make you smile decades from now.


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