Siberian Firefighters Rescue 150 Piglets From Raging Blaze

It took nearly four hours to extinguish a fire which consumed a private farm in Siberia. Fortunately, 150 piglets made it out alive.

150 adorable piglets were rescued by brave firefighters in Siberia when a blaze nearly burned down the barn they lived in. According to the Emergency Ministry of Tomsk, it took nearly four hours to extinguish the fire that devoured the private farm in Chernaya Rechka village.

Credit: Emergency Ministry of Tomsk

Located near Tomsk city, not all inhabitants of the farm were as lucky as the piglets. Reportedly, some animals were trapped in the inferno.

Credit: Emergency Ministry of Tomsk

At least the pink pigs will make it another day. As the video below informs, the pigs were quickly transported out of the barn via a bucket brigade used by the firefighters. 

Watch the video below:


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