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School In Vietnam Has Massive Garden On Its Roof And Demonstrates Sustainability

A new school in Vietnam has been made with a very new, creative and innovative idea of constructing a garden on its rooftop. The best thing about this school is that it promotes gardening and sustainability and the gardens made are not only for show off but the school gives special classes to its students about gardening and sustainability. The school lets the students to use these gardens to practice gardening. The school is being called the Vo Trong Nghia’s Farming Kindergarten as it was constructed by the Vo Trong Nghia’s Architects. The schools’ rooftop actually has a vegetable garden too. The school is also equipped with solar panels and other sustainable devices.

Vo Trong Nghia was reported saying that in the construction of this school architectural and mechanical energy saving systems were applied which included the massive gardens on the roof, use of recycle materials, solar water heating systems and more. He further said that these “devices” were designed in the school so that the students would learn the significance of the role of the ecological education.

The Farming Kindergarten is a preschool and it is situated in Dong nai. The school is 3800 square meters in size and has 500 pupils currently whose parents work at the neighboring shoe factory.

Vo Trong said that Vietnam is an agricultural country who is currently facing many changes as it is moving towards a manufacturing based country. This fast development of the country is depriving its children of gardens and play areas, which as a result is affecting their relationship with nature. Farming Kindergarten is a challenge to solve these issues. The school is constructed in a way that as the roof lowers towards the patio it offers access to the upper level and the gardens, this is where the students learn the significance of gardening and improve their relationship with the nature.


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