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The Elite Are Preparing For ARMAGEDDON! With $1.5million ‘Earthship Bunkers’

Armageddon: the very word strikes terror into the minds of many people. In the past years, a lot of people have resorted to making Armageddon bunkers, a safe place they could ‘live’ when that day comes.

For some, the biggest concern might be power grid failures, nuclear disasters or earthquakes.

Others find it more necessary to prepare for shooting sprees, tsunamis, terrorist attacks or economic collapse.

These ‘earthships’ cost $1.5 million each at the least, and billionaires around the world are having them made just in case.


The homes are made almost entirely from recycled materials including glass and wood and are “off-grid”—power comes from solar panels and wind turbines nearby and they are earthquake-proof.


Sustainable construction company, Earthship Biotecture, based in New Mexico, has spent more than 40 years developing building techniques for the durable dens.


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