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A Chinese Company Amazingly Assembles A 3D Model Home! And It Just Took Them 3 Hours!

We live in a world run by technology. Everywhere we go we learn about different and new technologies being used or even introduced. Nowadays we are surrounded by technologies in the form of smart phones, TV, laptops, tablets and many more. All these technologies are being made and used all over the world but we all know who the real “technological Giant” is. Yes… China.

China has again come up with something innovative and amazing yet again. There is a company in China named Zhuoda Group that came up with this new technology where they can construct a whole house in surprisingly only 3 hours. It is a 3D printing technology that makes this possible.

Recently this company showed what they can do in front of a live audience. A group of workers stacked 6 units together making a double story cottage with the help of a crane. These all units were fully furnished and equipped with electricity. The cottage consisted of 4 rooms, one kitchen and bathroom. The people present there were asked to come inside the cottage and see from inside.

The model house was built in around 10 days. An engineer from the Zhuoda Group told that about 90% of the house was built in 10 days showing this way of construction saved them time and money as well. That is not it, one other best thing about this house is that its design and the material used in its construction allows it to endure earthquakes.

Oh and these houses are constructed to last around 150 years.

The Zhuoda Group are keeping one secret about the houses though, they are not telling about the materials used in the making of these houses. The VP of the company told that the “secret material” is actually taken from industrial waste which is ecofriendly and fireproof.



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