Witness to ‘Britain’s Roswell’ UFO incident breaks 36-year silence

New Rendlesham Forest Incident witness comes forward to talk about the British Roswell.

It was not from this world
A new witness has come forward to speak publicly about what happened at the Rendlesham Forest incident in Suffolk in the United Kingdom. The event, which is often referred to as the British Roswell, has been described by a former United States Air Force police officer Steve Longero, as ‘something not from this world.’
The Rendlesham Forest incident occurred over three nights between the 26th and the 28th of December in 1980. Military personnel from both the British Army and the United States Air Force have come forward at various times over the years to describe the strange lights that they witnessed hovering over the NATO airbase where they worked at the time.
Longero said that he was first alerted that something amiss was underway when he was on duty guarding the weapons storage area, and a series of alarms went on. He looked outside to see lights appearing over the treetops, with groups of people congregated around watching what was going on, including Staff Sgt Jim Burroughs, Airman First Class Edward Cabansag and Airman First Class Larry Warren, who have all previously spoken about the incident. Longero went out to join the onlookers and saw what he described as ‘florescent lights’ which were emitting a reddish and green glow. He said that he had the distinct feeling that the lights were following and observing them. The lights came closer and closer to the crowd of onlookers until all of a sudden the lights suddenly disappeared. He then assisted in securing the area and then was instructed to leave the scene.
A few days later, Longero says that he was called in to do a comprehensive debriefing on the incident. He was told that he was not permitted to ever speak publicly about what he had seen as the base had nuclear weapons on site and therefore any business relating to it was a matter of top security for the NATO forces.
Recently, skeptics have claimed that the lights in the woods had been cast by a lighthouse on the east coast. However, Longero laughed at this idea and said; “I don’t think so. Not unless the lighthouse could move.”
The UFO investigator, Philip Mantle, who interviewed Longero on this topic said that he found his account of the event highly credible. He said that Longero was not claiming to be a special person, which would indicate that he was seeking attention, and instead was at pains to emphasize that there were many other people who witnessed what had happened. He also said that Longero was aware of some important details about the incident including the fact that nuclear weapons were stored at the base. In addition to this, his story tallies up with other accounts of the incident which have also been given by individuals who were known to be present at the scene.
“What is clear, ” Mantle concluded, “is that despite the best efforts of some this case will continue to be hotly debated for many years to come.”

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