Rare Photos of The Vietnam War That Were Kept Hidden From The World

Hovering U.S. Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into the tree line to cover the advance of South Vietnamese ground troops in an attack on a Viet Cong camp 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, northwest of Saigon near the Cambodian border, in March 1965 during the Vietnam War. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)

The where Vietnam was a very expensive and lengthy conflict between the Communist Regime of North Vietnam against Southern Vietnam in the United States. The War Began in 1954 and lasted all the way until 1975. Many regard this war as one of the most pointless wars the U.S. has ever been apart of. Let’s take a look at some rare photos of the horrible war that were recently declassified.

Countless soldiers were injured and lost their lives during this war that lasted two decades. A few soldiers here breathe a sigh of relief while others are lying injured and being carried away. So much pointless death it really is a disturbing memory of the United States.

Losing limbs in the Vietnam war and having to evacuate homes left countless people on the streets with only having what they can carry. Collateral damage is often one of the most horrific side effects of war. Regardless of which side they are on, no one deserves this.

Having your guard up at all times is crucial in any war. Especially with terrain like this where it was easy for the opposing soldiers to hide. The U.S. soldiers referred to the Vietnam enemy as “Charlie” in this war. The High shrubbery gives a good tactical advantage for a soldier in camouflage.

Taking time to enjoy the small things is so important, especially in the middle of a war. These soldiers are seen enjoying a time with no killing what’s the local wildlife. Natural habitats being destroyed is yet another horrible side effect that comes from war. He’s a cute little bugger!

Here we see more reinforcements being dropped into hostile territory. So many Choppers went down in the process of dropping off soldiers or picking up wounded ones. Even with the technological edge over our enemy we were still unable to defeat them.

Often times U.S. soldiers had to make sure that children would stay out of harm’s way. With the war taking place all over the country there is often innocent bystanders caught in the middle. These children are taking comfort next to the soldier as he looks out to make sure there are no enemy soldiers.

This is a very useful time for the prone position with this helicopter flying so low to the ground. Staying low in the Vietnam War was very important with the sheer amount of enemy soldiers that would often ambushed them. The U.S. would use they’re Huey helicopters to fly ahead and scout any possible enemy troops.

This is a very beautiful shot of a line of Huey helicopters landing in a secure location. During the Vietnam war it was very difficult to find a safe landing point for helicopters to deliver equipment, food, and reinforcements which was a very key part of this war. It truly does look like something from an air show.

Unlike many other Wars the U.S. has normally involved in, the soldiers had no problem finding water in the Vietnam War. This picture offers an interesting survival tip for anyone ever caught somewhere without water. The easiest way to collect rainwater is to find a leaf where the water will be coming down in a faucet like fashion.

This is what fighting a war in the trenches looks like. Often times these trenches offered the only cover from incoming fire. Having thousands of bullets fired in your direction is no picnic so if you can find any hole to squeeze into it is definitely a good place to get to.

Having the Huey helicopter on our side was one of the biggest advantages the U.S. had in the Vietnam War. The helicopter was able to position soldiers in strategic vantage points while also being able to gain altitude and see the entire battlefield from the sky. Without we would have most definitely lost the war.

Another huge military advantage was the tank. They are bullet proof and pack quite the punch with the ability to blast through roughly any enemy or location. Their disadvantage came in terms of speed but with it’s armor speed was not necessarily as important.

Often times caring terrified children to safety was one of the hardest parts of the war. Children were often seen by soldiers running around frightened and Confused which left many U.S. soldiers scrambling to help save as many as they could. Regardless of the reasons for fighting a war no one ever wants to see children caught in the middle of the destruction.

This is a more disturbing image of a medic trying to revive a soldier who has flat lined. More often than not CPR was not enough during these harsh times. So many of the soldiers that survived the war were never the same with the experiences and images that live with him from this horrible war.

Collateral damage is the main reason Wars should never be fun. These Vietnam natives are alone, injured, and scared. the pointless debate between the two Nations accomplish nothing aside from the terror it brought too many people who were just living their lives. this is just a small glimpse of what hiding from a wart looks like.

The pain and suffering seen in this man’s face accurately sums up the Vietnam War. So many friends have been lost, so many lives ended, and for what? Holding back tears anytime where people are trying to kill you shows just how horrific the fog of war is.

This U.S. Soldier is attempting to call a medic in order to check on his fellow comrade. Seeing a brother go down is the single most difficult part of fighting any war. With the training that these men go through they become so close only to see many of the relationships come to a dramatic end.

Rescuing the life of this newborn baby is one of the more rewarding experiences for this U.S. soldier. It is a beautiful sight to see that he was able to save this baby, but it is extremely tragic to think of the ones that weren’t saved. One of the few beautiful images from such a horrible event.

When there are grenades going off behind you your legs are going to move much quicker than they are used to. These men are running for their lives with nothing but rubble and destruction directly behind them. The events that these soldiers had to go through, it’s no wonder PTSD exists.

Flares a great way to illuminate the dark when the sun came down during the Vietnam war. It was a very strategic move in order to make sure that they were not getting flanked by Charlie. Imagine being out in the middle of some foreign country knowing that there are soldiers around you trying to kill you…

This child Soldier placed these cards on his helmet to serve as a reminder of his parents. The king and queen represent his mother and father. Seeing a child that young forced to fight in battle is truly tragic. The young ones are the ones we send to war because they are the easiest to manipulate.

One of the reasons that many soldiers died on the battlefield was due to exhaustion and dehydration. The soldiers not only had to worry about being blown up or shot we’re dying a very slow and horrific death but they also have to worry about the elements of this harsh environment. You can truly see the struggle going through this soldiers mind.

There were even women and children that were killed as a result of the destruction left by the war. Wandering bullets and explosions often claimed two lives of many innocent civilians who had nothing to do with the battle in the first place. Seeing images like this one make war seem so trivial. It is almost impossible to have a war without collateral damage.

When you are in the middle of a war a little humor can go a long way. When your mind is constantly in survival mode it needs to take a break to remember why you’re fighting in the first place. If any enemy soldiers ever came across this and were able to read English then they most definitely would have found it amusing.

Vietnam how to gather new recruits every day in order to help fight in the war. So many of these soldiers we’re too young to be fighting in a war much less to have lost their lives in such a gruesome manner. The Vietnamese did what they did to survive the battle against the United States.

The people in power are the ones who are always responsible for war. Yet it’s the people who have nothing to do with the conflict that are always thrown in to handle their disputes. The ones who die in war should be the men powerful enough to start one, then maybe we could finally live in a peaceful utopia.

These soldiers are taking a moment to honor a fellow Soldier who has been killed in action. Regardless of how tough these soldiers were holding back tears when they lost a brother in arms was not possible. This happened so often that it began to seem like then norm for many of them which is not good for the mind.

During the era of the Vietnam War it was very rare to come across a color photo. The significance of this color photo was to show the red white and blue of the American flag, which was very important for the morale of the U.S. soldiers.

Regardless of the tragedy that was going on around these soldiers, many times they took the time to stop and take a photo to send back home to their loved ones. Without remembering why and who you’re fighting for a soldier can eventually lose all hope. Given that’s most of the images they see already makes it difficult enough to hold on to it, they have to do with a can to keep their spirits up.

The U.S. medic had one of the most difficult positions in the war. They Who have to personally witnessed the most soldiers die and carry the guilt of the ones they couldn’t save. This magic is keeping pressure on a fellow soldier in order to help keep him alive and carry him to safety.

This photo shows the true meaning of the Brotherhood between soldiers. Even if it means holding the entire platoon behind no U.S. soldier is ever left behind. The camaraderie between soldiers is what makes it so difficult for them when they see one fall. It is a group of men that would all gladly take a bullet for any of their fellow soldiers.

This man is very proud to be a U.S. Soldier. He is one of the few who is fighting for what he believes is the right thing for his country. Without that belief it is difficult for many soldiers to carry on in battle. At least he is able to send a handsome picture of himself back to his family at home.

Many soldiers will even go through the trouble of rescuing abandoned pets. With this much damage that is caused from the war often times pets are left without their owners trying to figure out how to survive. This soldier makes a new friend in a foreign country and an adorable one at that.

This is just a small glimpse of the destruction left behind by war. After winning this battle these soldiers are passing through the once functioning village. This is a perfect example of how nothing good came from the Vietnam War.

Wounded soldiers and misery in the faces of all of them. Fighting any war hardly gives a reason for a soldier to smile. These soldiers are trying to compose themselves in the brief amount of time they have with no fighting. So many soldiers had to continue on in conditions that no normal person would be fighting in.

Any time a soldier could get to take a break from the killing was a well-deserved one. This U.S. soldier is taking some time to relax with one of them young children of Vietnam. Doing things like this was key to keeping one’s sanity in such a horrible environment of pain and death.

One of the biggest tactical advantages the U.S. had in the Vietnam War was the Huey helicopter. This chopper not only served as a fighting machine but as a vessel to bring in reinforcements when they were needed. There were also medic choppers ever used to evacuate wounded soldiers.

These soldiers take a quick photograph before getting ready to go out on duty. The bunny ears show that these soldiers were in good spirits which is very important in times of battle. It is much easier to be calm and relaxed when you’re not on the battlefield.

Even with the battle still going on around him this Soldier decides to stay with his fellow soldier who is slowly dying. Being killed like this is there any horrible enough without the prospect of suffering through it alone. At least of these soldiers had each other and some of their darkest moments.

Soldiers did whatever they could to keep their spirits high. This Soldier is seen posing like Atlas the Olympic God in order to give himself a confidence boost before battle. Everyone has their warm up rituals. Some are just more odd than others…

Sometimes the trenches are the safest place to be in a war. These soldiers are all seen crowding together in the middle of a battle with the look of fear on many of their faces. This photo truly describes the meaning of fighting in the trenches.

These U.S. soldiers have no problem showing how they really feel. Looking back on the country of Vietnam as they are leaving they salute the country in the best way they know how given the circumstances that just took place.

Before the times where a soldier can pull out his cell phone and go on the internet, the magazine was at times the soldiers closest friend. This young Soldier is seen enjoying himself and checking out some attractive naked women to take his mind off the war. I’m sure this site of the undressed Playboy models are preferable to seeing explosions and his friends shot at.

It’s good to see that even in the mist of a battle that a soldier can find it in him to take some time to take a load off. Having soldiers like this that can bring a little humor into a tragic situations are some of the most important people to have. It’s not just the ones who are great in tactics and warfare but the ones who can remind their fellow soldiers what they’re fighting for that are vital for victory.

The soldier is posing like an Abercrombie model in front of his new battle-tested beast of a ride. In his civilian life he works as a snow-plower during the winter. In the Vietnam War however, he worked as a Charlie-plower, this is not a vehicle you want to be caught in front of if you’re on the opposite team! Not a bad piece of hardware to have on your side.

When it wasn’t raining for days and weeks on end in the Vietnam War, it was hard at times to come across shade. This Soldier is taking a break from the battle and from the heat relaxing in the shade given by his monster truck. Taking a power nap in the middle of war shows some confidence!

Catching a bullet is not the only thing you have to watch out for fighting in the Vietnam jungle. Some of the creatures found there have frightened some of the soldiers more then an enemy holding a machine gun. Whatever creature this is that this U.S. soldier is holding is one that I am glad does not exist in the United States.

Too many kids were forced to grow up too quick during the time of the Vietnam War. These young teenagers were called up in the draft to serve which force them to become adults quicker than they needed to. Since they are old enough to go fight a war and they are obviously old enough to be smoking cigarettes. Especially at a time when the dangers of cigarettes or not yet as well known.

Some of the wildlife that was encountered by U.S. soldiers in the Vietnam War was a sigh of relief for these men to come in contact with. For once they were coming across a native of the country that did not want to take their life. This adorable little monkey found himself a friend in a soldier who is so desperately trying to find hope.

Some soldiers still have to keep their hair do looking good even in the middle of War. This Soldier is so concerned about his looks that he even refuses to wear a helmet. What makes this even more hilarious is that this was at a time when females weren’t allowed to fight on the battlefield, which makes one question why this soldier needed to look so good in battle.

Relaxing in a jeep for photo op to send back to the family. Little breaks from battle like this helped keep this soldiers sane anytime where most of the people would lose their minds. The ones that came back alive still have to suffer having to carry with them the images and memories of everything they witnessed on the battlefield.

Buttoning up to get ready to go to battle is much different than buttoning up when you getting ready to go to prom… This Soldier is trying to keep in good spirits before having to head to the battlefield. The butterflies he feels and his stomach cannot be explained as he is unsure of whether or not he will even return.

This soldier is armed and ready for battle. Who knows how or when he had to use that grenade but it’s a handy contraption to have by your side in the middle of a war. This Soldier wanted to let his family back home now that he can make war look good.

So many of these photos that soldiers sent back to their family are the last images they have of them. This young Soldier is one of the many U.S. soldiers that lost their life pointlessly in the Vietnam War. All we can do now is take comfort in the fact that he is without paying and is no longer suffering or having to fight someone else’s battle.

There is usually no free time in the middle of a war. It is always nice though to take any available moment to snap a picture to let the family back home know you’re still alive. It’s winter photos stopped showing up that the families started truly worry. This soldier makes fighting in a war look fashionable.

After the war was over this U.S. soldier went on to model with that amazing mustache of his. In a time of war he was able to take a very decent quality photo of himself that I’m sure his family members appreciated. It’s always nice to let the ones back at home now you’re thinking of them.

This Soldier needs to learn how to come off more intimidating. I don’t know if he is protecting the Vietnamese boy or if he is trying to pose like Captain Morgan. Either way it is one of the more awkward looking poses a U.S. Soldier has taken in the middle of a war.

And here we have the winner of the most awkward photo taken in the middle of a war. This crafty man has made himself a body suit made out of bullets trying to resemble an X-Men. This was the guy to go to if you were ever short on ammo as he had plenty to spare.

There is definitely not a lot of elbow room inside of a tank but it is definitely much more preferable place to be then out in the middle of the jungle. Coming up for air will bring a smile to any soldiers face after being stuck in a tiny space with a few other sweaty soldiers. From the look on this soldiers face he is ready to go home and see his family.

The top toys for pets in the country of Vietnam seems to be monkeys. They are so friendly that they will even walk up to a U.S. soldier in the middle of battle and make friends with him. This Soldier fell in love with the monkey he met so he brought him back to the base to keep him safe in a cage. With as many friends as these soldiers lost it was a great moment to be able to make a new one.

Even though this man is wearing a peace necklace there was absolutely nothing peaceful about the Vietnam War. This former hippie was called up in the draft and forced to fight for a cause he did not believe in. He takes this photo to show where his heart lies even though he has been forced by his country to fight for their cause.

Some of these soldiers were so concerned about their women back home that they made sure to show that they remaining faithful even in a different country. For many of these men it was the thought of their women back home that kept them going and fighting through a war they were not passionate about. The Popeye pipe is a great touch!

This Soldier is showing off all three of his guns in this photo. With a cigarette in his mouth this G.I. Joe looking soldier is making the flat top look extremely cool. This is a more impressive photo than you can imagine if you realized just how heavy that gun is.

The long voyage over seas of Vietnam can be a very boring one. Fortunately for the soldiers they got to cross in waters that were pretty still. This Soldier is trying to enjoy some R&R before heading into the battle that has claimed so many of his friends lives. He doesn’t seems to be too excited about the prospect.

So many of these u.s. soldiers that were sent to fight in the Vietnam War we’re coming straight out of high school. This soldier looks as though his voice is still going to get a little deeper in the coming years. It’s already tragic enough to watch a fellow soldier die than to have that soldier be just a teenager.

This former hippie who was called up to fight has used his carving skills to show how he really feels. He has made a long selfie stick looking peace symbol carved out of a long piece of wood. He has figured he would spend his time doing something more useful than killing people. Good for him!

These soldiers are crawling through mud and plantation to stay hidden from the enemy. As with all teams on spotter and one shooter. Having the helo the scout the area was a huge tactical advantage for the U.S. soldiers. Especially when the Vietnamese did not have any of their own.

In this photo we see American and Vietnam soldier fighting together for a single cause. If only both nations could find a way to work things out as well. These are the type of people that give hope to the rest of us out there wondering if there are still any good ones left in this crazy world we live in.

The collateral damage that the Vietnam War caused let the natives of the country in a very bad spot. Thousands of children full of Terror were seen running for their lives as one of the children is even seen without clothes. This is one of the more depressing photos that came from the conference. This is an experience that no child should ever have to go through.

Some of the U.S. soldiers were built like redwood trees! This body builder of a soldier is holding this very heavy machine gun like it’s made of plastic! I sincerely doubt that there was any soldier on the Vietnamese that could even come close in comparing in size to some of the American men. Unfortunately the size advantage was not enough to help the United States achieve victory.


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