Myanmar army raped more than 250 Rohingya women and killed 50 of them

Witnesses in Arakan province of Myanmar confirmed that members of the army raped a large number of women while attacking Muslim villages, and killed 50 of them as they were pregnant.
According to a Rohingya Abdul Khalid Abdullah, one of the key witnesses, reported refugee camp in Bangladesh that he was working as a teacher  in one of the schools of Muslim villages in Arakan province, before the Myanmar army demolished the entire villages.
“The army has demolished the houses of the villages and the schools that I was working in, and raped more than 250 women and girls, and then they killed 50 of them as these girls were pregnant they had miscarriage due to sexual abuses.”

He said “The soldiers trapped family inside their home, then burned the home… burnt them alive inside, then threw children and youth to the fire, then the soldiers, accompanied by Buddhist militants entered the mosques and burned the holy Qurans and then urinated on then.”
Abdullah pointed out that the Myanmar army soldiers, confiscated jewelry and gold decorations of the women of the village, and then they made them naked, and forced them to wander through the alleyways of the village.

He reported that the attack on the villages of Arakan province proceeds, which resulted in the destruction of more than two thousand houses, killed about 500 people and the arrested more than a thousand.

He called on international organizations to provide assistance to the Rohingya, saying: “We only want  to live in peace in Arakan province, Buddhists say we are outsides, this is not true at all, we Rohingya and our history spanning more than 500 years, in Arakan, we only want to live in peace on our land as we were, and the international organizations and diplomats to help us. “

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