Russian Central Bank Hacked: Billions Stolen

2 billion rubles have been stolen from the Russian central bank after hackers falsified credentials to gain access into the computer system.

The Russian central bank was in founded in 1990, with the headquarters located in Moscow.

The 2016 trend of hacking into banks has been noted, and now, the Russian central bank is also contemplating its loss of rubles after hackers hacked into the system and stole billions. At this stage, the hackers are still at large, suggesting they were professionals.

A statement released to the media said that the hackers had planned to steal approximately 5 billion rubles ($78 million USD), but bank security managed to counter the attack and lower the theft to 2 billion rubles ($31 million USD).

Artyom Sychyov, the Central bank official stated how the hackers faked credentials to access the bank’s systems.

This isn’t the first time a ‘heist’ like this has occurred. According to Reuters, “fears about attacks on banks have mounted since February when unknown cyber criminals stole $81 million in funds that Bangladesh’s central bank had on deposit at the New York Fed. Law enforcement agencies around the globe are hunting for the criminals who stole the money using fraudulent wire-transfer requests sent over the SWIFT bank messaging network.”

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