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Uncovered Report : CIA Admit That They Killed JFK

Ex-head of the CIA  John McCone, notorious for his involvement in the Congo (detailed in an extensive post by John Simkin) during his term as head of the CIA, has been revealed through a report inspected by Politicio to have hidden information implicating the CIA as possibly responsible for the death of former president John. F Kennedy. 

This report was released in September 2013, previously marked “SECRET/NOFORN” – meaning not to be shared outside of the CIA. It was purposed for publication in an internal Central Intelligence Agency magazine, Studies in Intelligence, and served as a testament to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

CIA Hides Information from the Warren Commission

According to the report now declassified, the CIA had planned to assassinate Fidel Castro, having this motive concealed from the investigation into Kennedy’s Death, which took place in 1963. Whilst this report does not change the findings of the Warren Commission, employed to investigate the death of the president, it does show that John McCone was hiding information directly relevant to the inquiry.

The 888-page report issued by the Warren Commission in 1963 alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald had no accomplices, carrying out the shooting out of his own accord. Had McCone not hidden the CIA’s plans to kill Castro, it is highly likely that the Warren commission would have looked closer into Oswald’s possible ties in Cuba. With the cover-up in place, the commission never even had the notion to look into possible accomplices tied to Oswald, with a motive to assassinate Kennedy due to his dealings in the plot to kill Castro.

The CIA Was Watching Oswald

Even though evidence suggested that the CIA had been watching Oswald during his visits to Mexico in September 1963, and during his visits to the Cuban and Soviet embassies, as detailed by, the CIA still denied having any connection to JFK’s shooter whatsoever. The cover-up also hid the CIA’s covert operations in Cuba from the Warren Commission, information that could have drastically altered their investigation.

The notion that Oswald acted alone in the assassination was taken to a Gallup poll a week after the assassination and reflected that only 29% of the public believed that Oswald could have acted alone. With the matter being wide open for speculation in 1963 and opinions being in favor of deeper and broader investigation being needed, it is clear why the report states that:

“Under McCone’s and Helms’s direction, CIA supported the Warren Commission in a way that may be described as passive, reactive and selective.”

CIA Hid Information from the Warren Commission

McCone Acting under Possible Direction of Johnson White House

While the report released does not offer any clear indication of John McCone’s direct motives for the cover-up, it does however, hint towards involvement from the Johnson White House. According to the report, former President Johnson was quickly on top of the Kennedy assassination.

He had made a phone call to McCone shortly after President Kennedy was shot, warning of a possible global Conspiracy, and suggesting that he may end up being sworn in right away, which he was. The report also details that ex-President Lyndon Johnson was at first opposed to the inquiry and statement of the Warren Commission, preferring that the matter be dealt with quietly by the FBI and Texas State Police services.

Past President Johnson even went as far as creating a four-man committee in September of 1964, headed by John McCone, to assist in the recommendation of suggestions to facilitate Presidential Security . Dealings between these two men were ongoing throughout the period transitioning Kennedy’s death.

McCone Calls His Secrets “Unnecessary Distractions”

The report makes it clear that McCone’s statement to the Warren Commission reflected him seeing the need to detail the CIA’s involvement in Cuba unnecessary and a distraction to the investigative process. However, the cover-up is clearly indicative of an alternate agenda. The internal article goes on to state that:

“McCone had a place in a “benign cover-up” or what has been termed “a process designed more to control information than to elicit and expose it.”

The report concludes with commentary stating that if the word conspiracy is to be used in any connection to the Kennedy assassination, then it must be used in relation to the conspiracy to kill Castro and keep this secret from the Warren Commission. Going on to say that in this regard McCone may be regarded as a “co-conspirator” in the JFK assassination “Cover Up“.

The report revealing the nature and details of this cover-up is part of a still-classified 2005 biography of John McCone written by Dr. David Robarge, of which the report is available in George Washington University’s National Security Archive.


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