This Photo Is Causing Couples To Fight. How Many Girls Do You Count In This Picture? The Answer Is..

Take a look at the image here. How many girls do you think are actually in this image?

Thousands of social media users have gone back and forth in a heated debate over this very issue since Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari posted the confusing image on her Instagram account last week.

The photographer never expected her image to go viral. It was only part of an Instagram hashtag project after all. But countless social media users started a debate which is still raging on as you read this!

The image, which has since been determined an optical illusion, attracted more than 13,000 likes since it posted.

People in the comments say there are two, four, 10, and even 14 girls!

Here’s what some of the debaters have written:

“Girls #1 and #4 are different people. Look at how different their faces are!” one Instagram user wrote.

“There’s clearly four. Look at how the reflections are. If you see their face, the mirror shows the back of their head. If you see the back of the head, the mirror shows the face. The girls just look similar.”

“There is 2 girls… the girls both have a mirror on the side of them which makes a replica of the mirrors making multiple picture of the girls,” another user wrote.

What’s your opinion? How many models are photographed in the image?

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P.S. The photographer confirmed that there are 2 girls in the photo. They are suspected to be Tiziana Vergari's daughters.

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