The Detailed Intricacies Of Our Universe Is Revealed In These Microscopic Images

The amount of detail hidden in the microscopic world is simply unbelievable. Our eyes are simply unable to perceive the microscopic fabric of our universe. When you look at this the world through microscopic eyes it looks like a strange world that has an eerie familiarity to the world we can see with our own eyes.

In the series of images you are about to see you will be given a rare insight at what ordinary substances look like under the microscope. Prepare to have your mind blown.

A banana

A butterfly’s wing

A clot of blood

A colonial plankton organism

A finger print

A guitar string

A microfissure in steel






The eye of a needle with thread running through it

Human eyelashes

Orange Juice






The inside of the small intestine

The structure of a human tooth

The surface of the tongue

Tungsten filament under incandescent lamps

Used dental floss



These images just serve as a reminder of how beautiful and detailed our universe is.

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Source: educateinspirechange.org

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