Substitute For Plastic – New Biodegradable Bowls Revealed

The list of alternatives to using plastic is ever-growing and endless, but this one is of particular interest, especially in most parts of Asia. A new, sustainable form of creating food bowls has been developed using the waterproof leaves of the banana, bastard teak and banyan trees.


The University of Naresuan has recently been testing alternatives to using plastic to create food bowls. As with most research done today, the answer to the problem was yet again found in nature. After much trial and testing, the leaves of the Sak (teak), Sai (banyan) and Thong Kwao (bastard teak) trees shared similar characteristics when crafted into the shape of a cup or bowl. They were noted to be:

  • Heat-resistant
  • Completely waterproof
  • 100% naturally degradable after use 

The inspiration for this experiment came from a lecturer in industrial engineering, Samorn Hiranpraditsakul, who visited a temple in the North of the country. The sight of mounds and mounds of plastic waste at the back of such a beautiful, historic place was enough to instigate the trials. After more than a year of research and thorough testing, the results concluded that these 3 species of tree leaf formed the most sustainable, cleanest and greenest bowls, that are a fantastic alternative to using Styrofoams and plastics.

The bowls are set to be trialled at most of the food and music festivals in Thailand over the coming months and the team are all set to patent and market this natural technology to the masses, at an affordable price. It is not profit that is in question anymore, it is the thought of a cleaner, greener, more sustainable planet for all. This is how we must move forward, together.

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