Migraines – Your Days Are Numbered…The Herbs Are Back In Town

In the U.S., there are over 37 million people that suffer from migraines on a regular basis. This number is alarmingly high and it is estimated that around 3 million of these sufferers are experiencing severe migraines at least once a month. With the pharmaceutical industry failing to find a worthy cure that works for all patients, we can yet again rely on nature to cough up the goods, with a combination of 2 key herbs.


Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)

Looks familiar huh? That’s because this little medicinal gold mine grows across most wildly of Europe, North America, and Canada, yet it is full of chemicals that are ideal for not only preventing migraines, but completely curing them too! It has been used for several hundred years as a natural remedy, but recent studies have shown that a combination of Feverfew and one other herb, can completely prevent migraines and in most cases stop them from ever happening again.


ButterBur (Petasites vulgaris)

Another powerhouse in the natural migraine cure department is the awesome Butterbur. Again, it is found growing wild in many areas in Europe and the Americas and is easy to grow in many climates. Its leaves can grow to around 3 feet in diameter and were once used to wrap butter bars, hence its name today. It was also an excellent remedy during the bubonic plague and thus gained the nickname “plague flower”. The Butterbur acts as a beta blocker, meaning that it regulates the blood flow to the brain whilst reducing the production and activity of the pain-causing chemicals involved in migraines.

Using a combination of these two herbs on a regular basis has been known to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines and headaches in most patients that have tried it so far. A prolonged supplement usage of both of these herbal extracts is also completely curing many people of their migraines all together. The supplements can be purchased as extracts from health food stores or just as easily over the internet. However, growing the herbs in your garden is the best way to ensure you have a long term, organic, non-GMO supply of these 2 incredible headache curing herbs. Making them into a tea using honey, lemon and ginger is the most common and effective way of consumption, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the taste of this natural remedy too.

I hope this information is spread as much as possible as 37 million people in the U.S. alone are regularly suffering from this growing ailment, and nature has the cure right here for us. Nature has all the answers to any problems that we may encounter, we just have to go looking for them.

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