China’s clean air Temples Purifies smog and creates diamonds in the process

Global warming is crossing all limits with impending fears of major catastrophes in the near future.

Industrialization is gradually enveloping developing cities in smog and pollution. China especially has always had this perennial problem with smog where during the day it becomes difficult to breathe and visibility is poor.

However China being the country that it is has developed a unique way to combat the problem. China’s Smog free towers have come up all across the country and you will be amazed at what they do.

1 Smog free towers suck up pollution and purify the air

Much like an air purifier at home, this is China’s answer to outdoor air purification. Smog sucking vacuums manufactured by studio Roosegaarde is providing an alternate solution to China’s smog problem. China’s smog free tower set up in Beijing has cleared 55% of the air around it making it clearer than before.

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2 Gaining popularity across China

China’s smog free towers or the smog vacuums have come as a godsend and gaining popularity all across China. Hailed as a clean air temple, it has sucked up PM2.5 billions of fine particles till date cutting down smog in the air. Impressive reports of its performance state that each clean air temple has the capacity to clear the air of one national stadium. Due to its fame, people have given it the nickname, “Clean Air temple”.


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3 Awesome diamonds created in the process

These awesome structures suck up filth and pollution. The smog sucked up inside is used to create smog free diamond rings. The smog collected in the tower is converted into carbon and used to create diamonds. Thus purchasing a smog free diamond ring means contributing to 1000 cubic meters of clean air. Many couples have even ordered rings and using them as jewelry and engagement or wedding rings.


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4 A great solution to the world’s pollution problems

Roosegaarde’s project has won it the London design innovation medal where it is now gaining a foothold in Europe as well Daan Roosegaarde hit upon the idea after visiting a Beijing studio. He says “over 80 percent of people dwelling in urban places are exposed to air-quality levels that exceed World Health Organization limits.”

Each Chinese smog free tower is 23 feet tall and is also the world’s largest air purifier. A single tower uses the power equivalent to a home water boiler and cleans 30,000 cubic meters of air enough to clear pollution form a standard size football stadium. 25 of these towers will be placed in Beijing’s national park. Talks are on for use of similar towers in countries like India and china.


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