2017 Pirelli Calendar Celebrates Aging Actresses Without Photoshop Or Makeup

“I wanted to portray women not in terms of their perfection, but through their feelings and emotions,” says the photographer.


Especially in today’s culture, it can be difficult to accept the signs of aging. Wrinkly skin, graying hair, and aching bodies are but some of the effects witnessed from living a long life. While some cultures celebrate these ‘symptoms’ – as age is believed to correlate with one’s accumulated wisdom, American society tends to look down on those who show the signs of growing older. 

Particularly in Hollywood, youth is glamorized and celebrities are expected to portray flawless figures. It’s a lot of pressure, but fortunately, German photographer Peter Lindbergh and a number of A-list actors are helping to diffuse the belief that growing older is a burden or something to be feared. 

The series “Emotional” features 14 beloved actresses, including Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, and Penelope Cruz. The photos were captured in New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and on a beach in France. As you can see for yourself, the photographer did an excellent job capturing the raw emotion and beauty exhibited by each woman. 

None of the actresses are wearing any makeup and absolutely no retouches were done with Photoshop. The intent, according to Lindbergh, was to show the world how gorgeous these women are because of who they are (which can be witnessed through their emotions), rather than their appearances. He said: 

“I wanted to portray women not in terms of their perfection, but through their feelings and emotions. That’s why I called this edition of the Calendar Emotional: not some artificial perfection, but the real world and the emotions that well up behind the faces of these women.” 

The black and white photos will be featured in the 2017 Pirelli Calendar. Some of the stunning images follow:

Nicole Kidman


Robin Wright


Lupita Nyong’o


Penelope Cruz


Kate Winslet


Jessica Chastain


Uma Thurman


Julianne Moore


Helen Mirren




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