School Girl Found In Streets After Escaping Illuminati Sacrifice

A young teenage girl was found wandering through the streets with satanic symbols carved into her flesh in La Chiriza in Nicaragua, Central America. Many fear that she had escaped a satanic or Illuminati sacrifice which was taking place nearby.

A young teenage girl was found wandering through the streets with satanic symbols carved into her flesh

The Express reports: THE confused and disorientated young teenage girl was found bleeding in the middle of the night with no recollection of what had happened to her. Villagers have been left terrified after the 13-year-old girl suddenly appeared wandering aimlessly through the streets at night, bleeding onto the ground as she paced. Many fear that the Satanic symbols found carved into her arms and hands could mean there is an eerie Satanic cult at work – or even a “possession from the Devil”. The young girl could not explain how her hands and arms were slashed or why pentagons and other Satanism symbols were carved into her body.

Nicaraguans often have a strong belief in the occult
The girl was picked up by locals when she was found staggering through La Chiriza in Nicaragua, Central America, whilst seemingly “in a trance”.

People said she did not know where she was and had difficulty pronouncing her own name.


One man told local media station Canal 10: “The wrist was cut with a satanic symbol in one hand.”

The teenager was wearing a blue and white school uniform with a backpack from her primary school.

The teenager was found by terrified residents as she wandered through the streets at night

She seemed to have been playing ‘some strange game’ said a local resident.

Although Nicaragua is a devoutly Roman Catholic country, many people believe in and fear the Devil and the occult.

Terrified locals suspect the girl was “dabbling in the occult”.

One villager said: “We stopped her, but it was very strange. She seemed to have been playing some strange game.

“I think she’s from Cuba, she’s not from this village.

“I ask myself, what problem does she have in her house?

The news comes just weeks after a video emerged of a girl in another Nicaraguan town being exorcised.

The girl vomited and screamed as an envoy from a Christian mission expelled a ‘demon’.

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