Prison Labor is the New American Slavery; Here’s How You Are Supporting It

If you though slavery had been abolished in 1865 then think again. A legal loophole lets people be treated as slaves “as a punishment for crimes” which is happening in prisons all over the US today.

Prisons have taken full advantage of this fortuitous bit of law in the 13th Amendment, and although chain gangs may be a thing of the past, slavery in a different way still takes place today.

Many American corporations are guilty of using prison labor, by buying their produce from the prisons that produce it. Prisoners often work for long hours in the blazing heat without proper breaks, food or water. Walmart is one of these companies, as is Victoria’s Secret, AT&T and BP (British Petrolium)


The full list includes:

  •     Verizon
  •     Starbucks
  •     ConAgra Foods
  •     Procter & Gamble
  •     Nintendo
  •     Microsoft
  •     McDonald’s
  •     K-Mart
  •     GlaxoSmithKline
  •     Eli Lilly and Company
  •     Costco
  •     Chevron
  •     Cargill
  •     Bank of America
  •     Bayer
  •     Caterpillar
  •     Chrysler
  •     John Deere
  •     Exxon Mobil
  •     Johnson and Johnson
  •     Koch Industries
  •     Merck
  •     Motorola
  •     Pfizer
  •     Pepsi
  •     Shell
  •     UPS
  •     Wendy’s
Prison slavery is rife in Texas, where the prisoners day starts at 3.30am, and at work from 6am. “Offenders are not paid for their work, but they can earn privileges as a result of good work habits,” says the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website.

“No, Texas does not use chain gangs,” continues a statement from the website.  “However, offenders working outside the perimeter fence are supervised by armed correctional officers on horseback.”

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